Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Party Point Tournament

I don´t have any money at party poker so today I thought I use my party poker points to win some real money. So I registred for 250 pp tournament that was going to start 15:50 ET. Happy and excited I wait by the computer for it to begin and started to dream what I would do with all the money that would get after I won the tournament and then won 1000 $ at the NL cash games. But the damm thing didn´t start it just says (pause) and more and more people registers. I been waiting for 40 minutes now, com´on.

I tell you more later about my way to the big bucks, see ya.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chips shuffle keeps you calm

I thought this was really hard in the begining but once you get the hang of it you can do it in your sleep. I actually do this while Im playing on the net keeps me more calm.

Well another day without any money to play with on party but a lot of party points. So I guess I have to win a free tournament to get some real money to play with.

Have you guys heard, 3 swedish players still in the world championsships in Vega. Go Sweden.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Breakfast in the water

We have a great wheather today here in stockholm around 30 degrees. After another late night in front of the computer I woke up 9. Then I thought that I needed to sometime else then just sit in front of the computer. So I took my dog and car keys I went out. There is this beatiful lake in the woods just 15 minuter away by car.

I stood in the water and ate breakfast. Just lovely. I read "Holdem Poker For Advanced Players" while I improved my tan. I have already read it but it´s very hard to take it all in. I stayed there for 2 hours. On my way back I thought I oughta wash the car so my time indoors could be spend without bad conscious.

Anyhow now Im justed started up todays poker adventures. I had an extremly low bankroll today. I went in with just 18 $ at NL 0.25/0.5 6 table. I found JJ and I raised up it up 4 times BB. I got one caller who was in small blind. I was in late. The flop came with one A and two rags. He bet 2 dollars and I raised up to 6, he called. Then on the turn a K shows up and sb bets again and I stupidly calls 4 $. Then I fold at the river. I can´t understand why I play so bad sometimes. Then of course I lost the rest of my money in the next hand to an AA when I had AK.

I think 80 percent of becoming a descent player is to control your emotions. I need a year with the munks in Thailand. Or maybe a pulse watch so I can control myself. That pulse watch automaticly shuts down the computer if the pulse beats over 70. What do you think of that.

Yesterday I emailed that guy who publishes his poker session. Just telling him what a good idea he had implemented. I also asked him about the poker program that you see on the tables in the videos. To bad he hasn´t answered me yet.

Right now Im thinking about post another 50 $ on party again.

A poker day

Today I been playing poker the hole day. I started out playing SNG at party. It went well I played discplined. The after watching the videos that I talked about in the previous post I was inspired the play cash games. So I played 0.25/0.5 NL 6 seat. I play real aggressive and I played well. After 2 hours I had more than trippled up.

Yeah I know I should have quit and taken a break. At this point I ran into a calling station. He called any bet when he had a pair even though it wasn´t top pair. And I guess I didn´t manage to control my self when he called all the time. I should have slow down with the betting. So of course I lost all that I had won and a bit more.

But it felt pretty good any way. I played pretty good today. I really like those videos don´t forget to watch them.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Online poker hands

Yesterday I was freshing up this blog so I can start it upp again. And I followed and cleaned up links. When I followed on link I stumbled into a guy that publish his poker session on party poker. I record it and comment it. He is serious with his comments but now and then when he lose he hilarious. He plays at 2/4 and 3/6 NL tables. He is real agressive.

When I found the videos I looked for his start page but there you couldn´t except a big picutre of him.

Im thinking about doing the same thing. And then let people comment the plays. I really like it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New projects

Yesterday I went in on I only played for an hour but I went 40 dollar plus. Thats a great comeback.

I recently started a new page called Tjäna pengar på internet.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Long time no seen

Hi. What happened to me? Well I have to say that I didn´t keep my promise, to make money before february 2006. A lot of stuff come in the way and one big obstacle is my bad patience.

Well I just started to play some again after a 1 month break. I mainly spend my time working in my health nutrition company Nordiclab. We mainly sell pure protein and gainer.

Nutritions is called kosttillskott in Swedish.

Back to my promise again. I hate to not have followed my promise but I still won´t give up. Im earning good cash now with my company so Im soon going to get my self a descent bankroll and get back on track. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Multi tables

Today was a good day. All day long I have been thinking about poker. I bought the new All-In magazine and read an interesting article with Howard "The professor" Lederer. The article bescribes him as an extremly hard working guy who put a 100% in what ever he does. He tries to learn every part of it. Poker of course but also he got interested in Jazz music thru a friend and started to study it. The lyrics, the instruments and so fourth. In a couple of weeks he new how the jazz music was built. It´s very inspiring to read. Thats the way I am, 100% or nothing.

There is a lot of aspects of poker and thats what makes it so exciting. One of those is being able to take decisions under pressure. Lederer read a lot about Zen, wich I think of as an half religion and half spiritual movement with focus on meditation and being aware of the moment. He says that it helps him to clear his mind from the camera lights, audience and opponents when making an important decision. Thats what I need, being able to make decision with a clear mind. Often I think ahead when making a decision, I see the $´s going from the center of the table to my bankroll, and then I just click. I need to able to relax taking my time. I need to mind-practice.

It´s very hard to change a habbit. In my appartment wich me, my girlfriend and her 2 kids live, I like to keep it tidy. But the kids keep putting their stuff all over and they rarely clean up after them self in the kitchen. And of course that means Im after them all the time. Reminding them. Since I need to change the habbit of staying too long in pokerhands, I will mindpractice by not reminding the kids to clean and pick up their stuff all the time. It´s going to be very hard. But if I can change the habbit of complaining all the time (the fact that I think it´s right to learn the kids to keep it tidy is irrelevant here) I should be able to change my bad poker habbits. It´s all in the mind.

Another way of help myself to stay disciplined is to play at multiple tables, because then I know that I have other option then just the hand for the moment. So today I played at 3 tables at the same time. I was very disciplined, counted the odds all the time and folded when I thought I was dominated or not having the odds to continue I folded. It was easier to fold because I knew that another hand was coming up in seconds at another table. I was very thight I played, less then 30 % of the hands. I played for 2,5 hours and the first 2 hours I didn´t get so many good hands or if I did I missed the flop. But then then I had a 5 minut period with very good cards and flops that help me. I especially remember 3 hands at three different tables at the same time. AK, AKs and 99. On the AK table I raised from early position, I flopped top pair and hit the K on the turn. I won with two pair. At the AKs table I first just limped in because I wanted a lot of callers, if I should make the flush. After 3 callers after me the fourth guy raises. Then I re-raised knowing that to others would call me. They did and the raiser re-raised and I then made the final raise. Me and four opponent where in. The flop was AA8, and thats the truth. At showdown there where no possible straight or flush and there was 23 big bets in the pot, wich I won. At the third table, 99, I flopped trips, and I won that hand also. This happened at the same time. Incredible. So I ended in a positive way. I also managed to quit in time.

This was a good day.